Sanel aims;
to comply with the developing and flexible conditions of Industry and Trade relations,
to meet the requirements and the expectations of customers,
to increase the market share, with the products and services.

According to the mentioned purposes and to maintain the activities in accordance with the requirements of customers, Sanel is awarded with ISO 9001 since 1999 and in 2010 additionally ISO/TS 16949:2009 with ISO 9001:2008 .
By performing high value added production in the automotive sector to create employment and to increase more contribution in domestic production of vehicles.
To be the first preferred solution partner and supplier as Sanel brand by domestic and international customers in the automotive electronics  for key innovations and improvements.


Delivering reliable and qualified products to all of our customers at the right price and on the right time.
Increasing customer satisfaction by considering that customers are always right.
Always improving of processes by measuring and analysing of effectiveness and productivity of them.
Increasing competence of our employees and providing improvement to them in terms of socially and economically.
Improvement of cooperation with our customers and suppliers.
Team work and to pursue the quality of work.
Protection of our environment and using natural resources efficiently.
Fullfillment of applicable conditions and continuously improving effectiveness of the system.
Performing all tasks by planning and  doing them right continuosly at the first time.
Realising production with zero-defect by using advantages of R&D Center.
Sanel guarantees that ;
the products are appropriate to EU norms and directives and meet the requiremets of related automotive directives,
the new products are being designed and produced in accordance with the related standarts and specifications.

The EMC directives, provides that the products, on motor vehicles, do not cause any damage for drivers safety and work in coordination with other electronical devices. To be in compliance with these standarts, is a pre-condition of EU market entrance.

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