Central Lock Relay
Working principle :

1- Supply voltage range of Central Locking ECU is; 22-32Volts.

2- On the control unit of the driver, 1 control switch and 1 warning lamp (open lock) exist. The lamp only lights on when the locks are at open position.

3- All the locks can be controlled by the control switch of the driver. The switch is a double-pushed type button.

4- ECU, controls the engine by 2 different ways (as Left and Right) and gets OPEN/CLOSE data

5- ECU, can control 14 locks; 7 locks at left and 7 locks at right.

6- At 2x7 types, when one of the doors get opened (or closed) by a mechanic key, the other 6 doors get opened (or closed).

7- When the 6. Article is not preferred by some customers. Then a switch (or jumper) is cancelled on ECU and the controlling can only be done by the swicth at
drivers control unit.

8- A system is settled that prevents the engine burn, when an engine jam occures at the doors.

9- All 14 locks can be open and close by the master switch at drivers control unit.

10- Nominal current of 7 Unit: 10A           Nominal current of 14 Unit: 20A

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